Visual journal of research into forms.

This project reflects on the effects of the separation between the intellect and the body, by considering the loss of knowledge related to the disappearance of manual skills over the last sixty years. As Matthew B.Crawford writes in is book ShopClass as Soulcraft "Fixing is an affront to the culture of the throwaway society". Could relearning how to make, build, and repair reverse the effect of contemporary societies evergrowing dependance towards manufactured goods and consumerism?

In July 2019, every day of the week was dedicated to acquiring the skill of pottery. The thrown vessels became the building blocks of an ascending accretion sculpture embodying the progress of a learning process. Individually documented, the images were displayed into an installation distributed as an evolutionary grid showing the results of a daily research into a formal investigation.

A large printed photo of a hand holding brightly colored miniature vessels stands as an homage to the knowledge gained through the handling of materials: the experience of learning a manual skill generates a kind of knowledge that can't be acquired otherwise, a knowledge that when paired up with intellectual skills, makes humans better at solving problems.